Attack of the cookbooks and how I tamed them….

Ok, cookbooks were everywhere. In a household of two voracious readers, who have gone almost, but not quite,totally digital for reading, the cookbooks were noticeable in their number. They were beside the couch, in the bedroom, under the coffee table, in the office, under the television and most critically on the top shelf of the pantry. The same pantry that I struggle to keep in a clutter free state and where I seem to be the only one who can visualize a beverage bar that incorporates an electric kettle, a Keurig, and a Nespresso. All heavily used I might add. Someday I’ll have the pantry as a blog topic, but to get the beverage bar, I need to move some things around…the cookbooks needed a new home.

I know other cooks have way more, but every cook’s books are important no matter the number and I think mine look great in their new home. And much closer to hand than the top shelf.


Here’s the best part. $40 bucks. IKEA rules. The Hubs put it together in 1/2 hour. AND it is an almost perfect match in width to my chopping block handed down from my father from the old First National Stores HQ in Somerville MA. I figure when I get my beverage bar, I can order a matching piece of stone to cover top of bookcase and top of chopping block and it will look like it was designed that way. Watch this space….

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