Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I always think that taking down the holiday decorations on New Year’s Day is a way of resetting the switch. Cleaning out the corners that have been hidden by greenery and gifts. Good to have all the furniture back in place. I will miss the window candles, however , as I have always been a sucker for the light they add to a house at nite, and being able to have them on and no other lights in a room except maybe the christmas tree and candles. Just lovely.

So I stuck with my tradition of taking down the tree and decorations during the Rose Parade. This was after a feast of lobster and champagne last night, another one of our holiday traditions. We have had that for dinner on New Year’s Eve almost as many years as we have been married (17) and definately every year that we have lived in this house (8).

Last year after a feast of lobster and champagne I was playing with the corks and wire cages that keep the cork in place on the bottle. It was early days in my “craft a week” challenge and I had seen a picture somewhere of champagne cage creations made by people with far greater skill than mine. Well, in for a penny and all that. This is what I made last year

Evernote Camera Roll 20130120 203659And this is what I made this year…

.photo (11)

So much cuter don’t you think? If I still had a Barbie dream house I would use these on her patio!

I also fooled around with a new recipe this week and have posted pictures of two differant batches of macarons I made in the last two weeks. Check out my recipe and macaron pages and come back and visit whenever you can!

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